We work with many types of roofs, including:

          • Metal    • Flat   • TPO    • EPDM   • Hot Tar    • Foam Roofs   • Barn Roofs   • Gravel Roofs

         • Rubberized roof coatings and modified bitumen

Hot Asphalt, a form of built-up roofing, has also been referred to as; hot mopped asphalt roofing, hot tar roofing, tar roofs, or multi-ply tar roofing. The traditional built-up roof system has been in existence for over 175 years. Asphalt, a petroleum by-product, is the major component of this system. A properly installed built-up roofing system, with  reinforced plies provides  waterproofing protection and thickness. It’s ideal for roofs with foot traffic that need maximum protection.  The redundancy in layers gives the added insurance of a long-lasting roof, which should remain serviceable for at least 25 years. The major advantages to an asphalt roof are;

  • cost effective
  • conforms easily to irregular decks
  • fast to install
  • extremely durable when properly applied.

Installation: This is where our experienced professional add the most value for you. Unlimited Commercial Roofing can apply built-up roofing over old built-up roofing or as the first roof on the deck. When applying it as the first roof a base sheet is used to protect the raw wood surface. The process involves melting blocks of asphalt in a large metal cauldron. From therethe mixture is either pumped up to the roof surface or spread out over the roof deck by the crew. This process is repeated with layers of felt and fiberglass in between until the desired thickness is reached.




Modified bitumen (also known as torch-down roofing) is the ideal solution for your flat roof and low sloped roofs.

Torch on roofing is made from a combination of asphalt and resin. It is highly resistant to damage from the weather, debris, animals, and rot. In the changing climate, it is your best choice for long lasting roof protection.

Torch on roofing is similar to tar and gravel roofing; however, it is lighter because there is no gravel. This eliminates the possibility of drain and eaves trough blockage. The roofing material is rolled on and welded together permanently forming a bond with the layer or layers underneath.

The result is a strong and attractive roof that is extremely weather resistant and provides superior waterproofing for more than 20 years. You and your tenants are well protected from the outside elements. By sealing in heat and keeping moisture out.

Heavy-duty asphalt roof sealants are composed of a blend of special asphalts compounded with selected fibres and fillers.  Asphalt sealants are used on metal and flat roofs.  It also may be used as a protective coating on new and old metal and coated asphalt roofing, and as a flashing in conjunction with smooth surface membranes, flat and corrugated metal roofing, roll roofing and mineral surface roofing.  Features

  • Smooth consistency
  • Chemically resistant
  • Rubberized like sealant when cured
  • Spray or brush applied
  • Undamaged by cold temperature

Commercial roof restoration.

Each of our highly skilled roofers has years of experience in commercial roof repairs.

Repair your roof now before a small leak leads to major damage. Moisture can seep into your insulation, walls, ceilings and electrical. And can lead into further damage and more costly repairs.
Save upwards of 60% on the cost of a new roof when you choose  to re-coat, patch, or repair your company's roof. Additionally, since we do not have to remove your existing roof, you and your employees won't lose any time in the office.